Its been awhile....

Hello Everyone, I know its been months since I have updated. We have been so busy with our home and visiting family and all of those wonderful things.
Since January a couple of things have changed. The biggest change is that David and I are getting a divorce. Its mutual and were very happy on this decision. Weve been rocky for awhile and have been talking about if for a year. We arent filing the paperwork until he comes home from deployment in January.
Anyway, on a brighter note, Ashlyn is getting so big. Shes already 20 months! Her vocabulary is ever increasing and shes so full of personality!
Im also trying to get into school, either for dental or medical assisting. We will see where that goes. Anyway thats all for now, but I just wanted to update. Ill post some pics below.


So its been awhile...

Hello all,
I finally have some time to write. There are no pictures this time around, due to the fact that I havent taken any. at all. Anyway So we moved into our home on Nov 18. we loved it!! That next day Davids family came, but stayed down the street at Rich and Laurens house. They stayed for about 4 days and went back home. We then were able to get a few things unpacked. We went to Utah for Thanksgiving, about 2 days after his parents left. We came home and were here for 2 weeks and then traveled up to Ohio for my cousin Jamies college graduatation! We were super proud, and got to stay for family christmas. Anyway we came home had christmas and then davids brother Ben, and his family came until New years day. It was exciting to see family and have everyone around, but when all was over it was nice to finally get settled in.

Rich (davids brother) left for Iraq Monday the 5th. And we have just been hanging out. Our house, as much as we love it, is sucky. Our heater is on its last leg, and needs to be replaced, and our pipes froze yesterday morning. :( The pipes have finally thawed, but its currently 53 degrees in our lovely homestead. Which is warmer than outside, but too cold for us. We are currently down the street at Laurens until thats resolved. Anyway I will have to post more pics of the house and Ashlyn. Thanks for reading,
Chelsea, David and Ashlyn.

P.s. we got a puppy. Hes a chihuahua and shnauzer mix. So cute.


My Green Beret

Hello, everyone! On November 6th and 7th David had his ceremonies to become a Green Beret. The first picture below is from the start of the Regimental First Formation. This was November 6th. At this ceremony the men were able to don the Green Beret.

This was on November 7th. This is the graduating class, one of the smallest yet. All of these men went through the course and with all of their hard work, earned the Green Beret.
Here is David with a fellow graduate, and a friend. This is Drew Curtis and David. Handsome in those Green Berets.
The ballad of the Green Beret.



Halloween was such a fun time this year! Ashlyn was a lady bug and she seemed to enjoy all the excitement. Right below shes in a shirt that Aunt Lauren sent! It lit up everytime she moved! This is me and the amazing Kiera Durfee. Shes the kool-aid man.
And this is Ashlyn as a lady bug. Isnt she adorable?



I cut off all of my hair. I love it!! Here are some pictures of my new do!


Staking out our own peice of the world.

Hello all!
I was recently in Nashville, TN to look for homes. David and I, of course you all know this, are going back to Ft. Campbell.
We found a great home. 1500+ sq feet. 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath, formal dining room, 2 Car garage, and a nice sized backyard all for 129,900!!
This home is in the same neighborhood as Richard and Lauren, so it will be nice to be so close!
We put in an offer and it was accepted, now pending inspection, appraisal and financing it is ours!
We were pre-approved, but that doesnt mean that we will get the loan. So keep us in your prayers. I didnt take very many pictures of this trip, but when I have more time I will add them!



As of this moment it is 5:17 am. I went to bed at midnight, only to lay in bed for 5 hours. What the heck is going on? I haven't been getting to bed at a decent time for days...Since David left to be exact. Its not like im not tired. In fact, im exhausted. I just cant actually go to sleep.
Morning comes quick with Ashlyn, and I regret every night that I stay up so late. When I do stay up, Im a little more cranky than normal and I feel bad that Im that way near Ashlyn.
I know I should be in bed still trying to sleep, but I can only lay in bed for so long. Maybe the new sleep is lying quietly and restfully in bed? I guess we'll see.